New Access to Songs Chords

I added a more convenient access to songs chords and lyrics By Author and By Title (These are available in the "Playing Music" Menu...)

Reorganizing of the Cooking Section

The Cooking Section of the site has been completely re-organized (hopefully finaly even if further posts are expected...)

Update of the Site's Structure

The structure of the whole site has changed to make the content more visible and accessible. The most notable change is a more meaningful use of the top menu for main sections.

I got an echo...

Someone over there acknowledged receipt of my questions!!!

$ grep icmp /etc/protocols
icmp	1	ICMP		# internet control message protocol
ipv6-icmp 58	IPv6-ICMP	# ICMP for IPv6

Weather alert on AURA

An alarming weather forecast indicate stormy trends in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. For security reasons, all personnel involved with the risk is kindly requested to evacuate the area.

Q&&!A about my problems

Forgot to put a link from my homepage. Here are the questions.

Une fois n'est pas coutume

Le moment en musique sur le bb-cloud !

WrapScienceJ 1.0 Released

The first version of the Open Source Integrative Platform for Scientific Computing WrapScienceJ has been released. More tips, demos and howtos coming ASAP: I'm in a rush this week-end!!!
Check the description and API Documentation...
Though the code can be considered pretty stable, another release is to come soon, including deployment of functionalities on ImageJ as well as independent GUI.

COST Action INDEPTH Approved !

The European COST Action entitled Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits (INDEPTH for short, summary on page 14) borne by my University and my biologist friends has been approved!
More news about that coming soon!


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